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1 : 1 Coaching

You and every other person on this planet has untapped potential. The problem is, we have self-limiting beliefs, primarily due to our experiences growing up and the meaning contributed to them. We often sell ourselves short and don’t believe we are capable of what it is we are capable of, which is essentially, infinite, when you look at how our mind works.

Every person I know wants to improve their circumstances, yet the vast majority of us are unwilling to improve ourselves and consequently, we remain stuck with the results we want to change.

The question you really need answering is,

‘Are you willing to do anything about it?’

It’s up to you. The ball’s in your court. Whatever you choose, know this: You don’t have to take the journey alone.

Let me help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Let me help you discover your strengths, change your thinking, grow to be the person you are capable of being.

Take a bet on yourself! Are you ready? Let’s start our journey together.

Free 30 minute 1:1 Online Coaching Conversation

If you are not sure if coaching is right for you, I offer you a 30 minute free online coaching conversation over the phone or via zoom.

Simply book your time slot right here and find out how I can help you move from where you are to where you want to be!

Mastermind Groups

When we change ourselves but not our environment, growth will be slow and challenging.

When we change ourselves and our environment, growth will be faster and more successful.


We become the average of the people with whom we spend most of our time with.

We eat what they eat, talk like they talk, read what they read, think like they think, watch what they watch, treat people like they treat people and even dress like they dress.

Now if this is the case, we need to be intentional with whom we spend our time with.

Joining a Mastermind group will allow you to get alongside like-minded people who are choosing to lead their life, not accept it.

Take the opportunity to grow alongside others who are choosing to positively shift the circumstances in their life to be the person they are capable of being.

Let me help you get there!



Do you have a team you’re leading that has greater capability than what they are currently operating at?

Are you leading a team and desire them to step forward into growth, to move through discomfort and fear to strengthen their work and practice?

I have spoken to many teams and unearthed the truth behind what it actually means to lead. I have supported various teams and people to be intentional in connecting with others in such a way that it elevates their influence with them.

I am confident that I can provide an inspiring experience with practical steps that your team can take forward.

I will help you and your team bridge the gap between what they know and what they do. I will help you transfer knowledge to action as knowledge by itself is worthless.

Whether you are seeking a workshop speaker, facilitator or anything in between, reach out today to find out how I can meet your needs.

About James Correy

Mindset and performance Coach, Trainer and Speaker

There are 2 questions that everyone should ask themselves,

    1. What am I doing to develop myself?
    2. What am I doing to develop others?

I heard my mentor, John Maxwell back in 2017 ask the question,

Do you have a plan for personal growth?

I didn’t know I had to have a plan for growth and I began to tell myself that I did have a plan… I was doing ‘things’, working, reading a few books, listened to a podcast or two…I thought I was growing…but after a while I realised… I didn’t have a plan and I wasn’t growing!

I know now that growth is not an automatic process. I figured out that if I was going to grow, I was going to have to do it on purpose.

I’m James Correy – A professional coach, trainer and speaker who specialises in leadership, mindset and personal growth.

You see, my passion in life is growing and equipping others to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives.

I work with individuals, organisations and groups, helping them unlock their potential and take control of their lives. I support people to realise that the effects and circumstances of their lives are in their control. We often just need a little help in improving ourselves and our belief-system so we are not bound.

My name is James. Let me help you transform your existing results and own your future.


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