Although it might seem unnatural, celebrating our failures is an integral step to success.


Just think about it. Your dream cannot be nourished and cultivated in an environment of negativity, doubt, fear, and self-judgement. In that environment, your dream will die; and so will you with it.


Your dream needs faith, positive expectation, love, and truly, celebration! This results in action which dictates the results we get in life.


When you fail, what’s your automatic response?


Judging yourself: Is it to criticize and judge yourself or your circumstances?

Something along the lines of,

  • “You never get it right…”,
  • “Who do you really think you are to hope that you can achieve such an unrealistic goal…”,
  • “What’s the point of really trying, you’re just going to keep failing…”, and so on and so forth?


We say such mean and nasty things to ourselves, don’t we? We often let the part of us that is trying to hold us back and keep us in our comfort zone, take control.


What’s comfortable about being in a comfort zone, where you’re dwelling in self-judgement, and even self-loathing? There’s nothing comfortable about that.


No! Failure is an essential component to growth, success and achievement.


Here’s a truth – failure is an indication that you are moving. That you are doing something outside of your current zone of knowing, of your current awareness.


Consider Edison who was told he was too dumb to learn anything and who had 1,000 unsuccessful steps at inventing the light bulb… He is famous for saying, “I have not failed 10,000 times – I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”


WOW! We can learn a lot from this mindset. Failure is a natural next step in the process of stepping outside and trying something new. If we do not get out of our own comfort zone, we will not grow. It is that simple!


So, when you fail, celebrate! Celebrate the win of failure. Celebrate the growth of failure. Open a bottle of wine… a bottle of champagne and cheers to you for taking action and moving one step closer to your dream, your goal, your purpose, your calling.


Let your dream thrive in the energy of celebration, even in and through the process of failing.


No more self-judgement… at least catch yourself when you fall into this and get insatiably curious with what it means.


When your mind plays tricks on you and starts to take you down that path of beating yourself up, take note, and allow yourself to shift. To say: “Today, I’m not going to allow that negativity to live in my mind and my life; today, I’m going to recognize the growth I am experiencing here… today, I’m going to celebrate. I’m going to celebrate me, I’m going to celebrate my dream, and I’m going to celebrate every step of the process.”


THAT, is what creates an environment conducive to the growth of your dream.


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